Personal Storage Units

Personal Storage Units LayoutYou’ve worked hard to earn your just rewards, whether it’s a vintage Porsche, a comfortable RV you take on the road, the sculpture collection from your favorite artist, or your antique gun collection. Problem is all these things take up space, space you may need for other things, like living. Now there’s a way to keep your toys out of the way, yet handy when you want to be with them.
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Asheville small business owner or dealer? A Jumbo Storage personal garage may be exactly the thing you need for your business storage - required files, off-season materials, inventory, tools and equipment. It can be a great investment for a small group of related businesses, and a good tax deduction. We have short term leasing options starting as low as $645 per month.

Jumbo Storage at Glenn Willow offers 11 different sizes of storage condominium, ranging from 900 to 1,500 square feet.

  • 22' x 45'
  • 22’ x 50’
  • 22’ x 60’
  • 24’ x 40’
  • 24’ x 45’
  • 24’ x 50’
  • 24’ x 60’
  • 25’ x 40’
  • 25’ x 50’
  • 25’ x 55’
  • 25’ x 60’

Larger sizes can be created by combining neighboring storage condominiums with at least an 8’ wide doorway or combining two storage condos end to end and removing the specially designed common wall to create a “drive through” personal garage.
  •  24/7/365 Access
  • Common Restrooms
  •  Common Exterior Wash Area
  • Common Dump Station
  • Convenient Location
  • 150 Amp Separately Metered Electrical
  • Extra Wide Driveways for Ease of Access
  • Heated and  Well-Insulated
  • 14’x16/17’ Overhead Doors
  • 3’  x 7' Pedestrian Doors
  • 19’ Ceiling Heights
  •  Fully Customizable Interiors

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