Boat and RV Storage Asheville, NCIf you have a boat and/or RV, you know how difficult it can be to find dry, safe, and convenient storage. In the Asheville area, it might be impossible to find storage at your home for your recreational vehicle. Even for boats, municipalities and counties have regulations and ordinances that prevent homeowners from storing them on their properties.

For boat and RV owners in the Asheville area, Jumbo Storage is the safest, most convenient option for storage. We have large garages with tall bay doors that fit even the largest campers and boat trailers.

Dry, safe, and convenient storage in Asheville, North Carolina for your boat, camper or motorhome

Finding a storage unit that meets your boat and RV needs can feel almost impossible. Jumbo Storage provides oversized indoor storage units conveniently located near the I-26/I-40 interchange in Buncombe County. Some of the features boat and RV owners love, include:

  • Security. Between the gate and security cameras, nothing nefarious is getting in or out of our property.
  • Large bay doors: Our doors are 14-feet tall, plenty of room for campers and boats.
  • Large turnarounds: Not only are our units huge, but our parking lot features large areas to turn around.
  • 24/7 access: Even though you are storing your boat or RV with us, you still have access to them whenever you like.
  • Dump and wash stations: You can dump and wash on-site, so you do not have to make special trips.

If you need someone to store your large camper or boat, Jumbo Storage is your answer. Contact us for one of our storage units and know that you will always have security and 24/7 access.