Boat Storage South AshevilleOne major aspect of boat ownership is deciding where to store your boat when it’s not being used. Boat storage options typically include choosing to store it out of the water (dry boat storage) or in the water (marina boat storage). Each storage option requires unique steps for prepping exteriors, engines, and electrical and batteries. We have compiled a pros and cons list to help you decide which indoor storage option is best for you and your boat. 

Indoor Boat Storage in a Warehouse

Dry stacked storage is a dry boat storage option that keeps your boat protected inside a warehouse. The facilities store multiple boats at a time, which are stacked and removed with forklifts. The boats are covered, keeping your boat safe from the weather. Not only do they offer good security features, but the storage facilities also handle the heavy lifting in retrieving your boat. 


  • Your boat is protected from wind, rain, and UV damage
  • Have security measures to prevent theft
  • Convenient storage option for smaller boats
  • Save money on trailer maintenance
  • Less expensive than keeping your boat in a marina


  • You may not be able to get your boat when you want it
  • Some facilities may limit the number of times you can take your boat out
  • These storage options can be expensive and harder to find outside coastal areas
  • Larger boats may not fit in dry-stacked storage

Indoor Boat Storage at Self Storage Facility

If you can’t store your boat in a garage and dry racked storage isn’t available in your area, a self-storage facility is a great option. Indoor vehicle storage at a storage facility is recommended as the best way to protect your boat during the winter.


  • Storage facilities are located throughout the nation, so it’s easy to find a storage unit near you
  • Amenities make it easy to pick up and drop off your boat
  • Facilities often have great security features like video surveillance and gated access
  • Some indoor boat storage options may come with climate control


  • Some units may be too small height and length-wise for your boat and trailer

Looking for Boat Storage in Asheville, North Carolina

It can be difficult to store your boat at your home in Asheville. Jumbo Storage has great amenities that make storing your boat easy and affordable. These features include:

  • 24/7 security
  • Large units with high ceiling and large doors
  • A lot of room to maneuver onsite
  • Wash abys and central dump citations
  • Unit electricity
  • Common bathrooms

Jumbo Storage | Boat Storage Asheville, NC

You can find everything you need for indoor boat storage at Jumbo Storage. Located near Asheville Regional Airport, we are convenient to I-40 and I-26 for easy highway access to several boating areas around Asheville. If you are ready to storge your boat, visit our website for more information and contact us today.