desk pictureThroughout Buncombe County, businesses are expanding, and new ventures are launching on a daily basis. The Asheville area is more business-friendly than ever for various reasons:

  • For decades, Asheville has been growing rapidly. The growth has only accelerated since the pandemic.
  • Residents and visitors alike are drawn to Asheville's arts and culture.
  • Asheville boasts more natural beauty than any other city.
  • There are more restaurants and venues to eat and drink in a lifetime than a person could ever visit.
  • Thousands of miles of hiking and mountain bike trail systems are within thirty minutes to an hour of downtown Asheville.

There's no reason why you shouldn't establish a business in Buncombe County. You will find a qualified workforce from which to find employees. You can count on millions of tourists who will potentially visit your business. You will live in an amazing place in which to spend your days off. 

As your company expands, you'll gather items that you don't need every day but are vital enough to retain. Do not allow your workplace or on-site storage areas to become so cluttered that you are unable to conduct business successfully. Jumbo Storage is the storage solution for your business.

How Jumbo Storage Helps Businesses in Buncombe County

The answer to your commercial storage needs in Buncombe County is Jumbo Storage in south Asheville. We offer a cost-effective solution for holding your seldom-used items. Our private storage units are highly insulated and secure.

You can add shelving, phone lines, and even internet to your office storage unit. For your convenience, we feature onsite toilets, spacious parking turnarounds, and 14-foot door heights for deliveries. Other features include:

  • 24/7 Video Surveillance and Access
  • Well-Insulated Door and Walls
  • Oversized Doors for Easy Entry and Quality Steel-Frame Construction
  • Common Restrooms
  • Common Dump Area
  • Extra Wide Driveways for Ease of Access
  • 14’x16/17’ Overhead Doors
  • 3’ x 7' Locking Doors
  • 19’ Ceiling Heights

Our units are impressively well-appointed and can be the perfect solution for business owners.

Business Storage Near Asheville

A Jumbo Storage personal warehouse may be exactly the thing you need for your business storage - required files, off-season materials, inventory, tools, and equipment. It can be a great investment for a small group of related businesses and a good tax deduction. We have short-term leasing options starting as low as $600 per month.

Do you need more space? Larger sizes can be obtained by integrating two storage units end to end and removing the specially designed common wall to create a "drive-through" personal garage or business storage space. 

If you need business and office storage in Buncombe County, Jumbo Storage has you covered. Contact us today to find out how you can lease one of your own oversized units to keep your commercial assets safe and secure.