Climate Controlled Storage Solutions

Climate Controlled Storage Solutions Asheville NCA typical storage unit will do if you need to box away Christmas decorations or stow some odds and ends that don’t fit in your garage, basement, or attic. But what if you have items that are valuable? That are environmentally-sensitive? That require stable temperatures and humidity levels to protect them from the damage that is associated with long-term damage? Then you need more than typical. You need Jumbo Storage. 

Do You Need Climate Controlled Storage?

Ask yourself a few key questions:

  • Will your items be affected by extreme heat, cold, or humidity? Generally, if it isn’t good for belongings to be plunged below 32° or above 75°, you will need climate-controlled conditions.
  • Do you have vulnerable items, such as your prized vinyl record collection, that you can’t bear to part with? Climate-control, all the way.
  • Are your possessions susceptible to mold or mildew growth? A dry, stable environment can preserve your investments.
  • Are you storing items of sentimental value? It could be your great-grandmother’s dining room table or a few bottles of 19-whatever wine. Without climate-controlled conditions, these heirlooms may be ruined.
  • Do you have electronics, including speakers, cameras, or other devices, that may be damaged due to long-term exposure to cold, heat, or humidity?
  • Are you storing a car, truck, motorcycle, or other “toy” that requires consistent care in order to avoid rust and corrosion?
  • Do you have irreplaceable books, magazines, comics, photographs, or newspapers that need to be preserved? 

Jumbo Storage offers optimal climate-controlled storage units to meet all of your needs. We understand that you need more than basic storage. Contact us to inquire about storage solutions that will keep your prized possessions safe, sound, and secure.