air conditionedThere are a lot of reasons to choose South Asheville as a place to relocate. Some of the factors that lead people to call this area home include:

  • The South Asheville area has access to abundant shopping and restaurants.
  • The South Asheville area is just a few miles from the Blue Ridge Parkway. 
  • The South Asheville area has several excellent neighborhoods. 
  • The South Asheville area has numerous great companies with quality careers available. 
  • The South Asheville area has access to some of the major highways in the area, including I-26 and I-40. 
  • The South Asheville area is just a few miles from downtown Asheville and Hendersonville. 

If you have chosen South Asheville as the place to call home, you may find you need more storage than what you have available in your home or neighborhood. For those that need climate-controlled storage, you might feel like your options are limited. However, Jumbo Storage has all the amenities you need.

Climate-Controlled Storage in South Asheville - Jumbo Storage

To help determine whether you need climate-controlled storage, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Will excessive heat, cold, or humidity have an impact on your items? If you don't want your items to be exposed to temperatures below 32° or above 75°, you need climate-controlled storage.
  2. Do you have any valuable goods that you can't bear to part with, such as your beloved vinyl record collection? Protecting those items is all about climate control.
  3. Is it possible for mold or mildew to grow on your belongings? Your investments can be preserved in a dry, steady environment with climate-controlled storage.
  4. Do you have any sentimental pieces in your possession? These family heirlooms could be ruined if they are not kept in climate-controlled conditions.
  5. Do you have any gadgets that could be damaged by long-term exposure to cold, heat, or humidity, such as speakers, cameras, or other devices? If so, you can mitigate any potential damage by using climate-controlled storage.
  6. Are you storing a car, truck, motorcycle, or other “toy” that necessitates regular maintenance to prevent rust and corrosion? You don’t want to leave those expensive items outside in the elements. Climate-controlled storage could save you significantly in potential repairs.
  7. Do you have any treasured books, magazines, comics, photographs, or newspapers that you want to save? They will deteriorate if not preserved in a climate-controlled environment. 

Our facilities have dump stations and washrooms in addition to plenty of space to store your largest items in a climate-controlled environment. Each unit has an independent electric meter, 30/50-amp service, and well-insulated walls and doors. In south Asheville, you won't find a better big storage unit facility. 

Contact us today if you're ready to entrust your climate-controlled storage needs to the experts at Jumbo Storage. We'll be happy to answer your inquiries and set you up with one of our extra-large storage units.