Dry Boat Storage Asheville, NCKeeping the boat at the lake may seem like your most convenient option, especially if your western North Carolina town or neighborhood HOA does not allow storing boats at home. However, there are disadvantages and issues that can arise from storing your boat on the lake:

  • Security: There are a lot of security variables, especially if you do not live especially close to the lake.
  • Weathering: Storing your boat in the water makes is susceptible to damage, mold, and mildew over time. Furthermore, exposure to sun, wind, and rain will wear down your boat’s exterior finish.
  • Storms: From heavy wind and rain to lightning and hail, your boat stored on the lake or outside, in general, makes it vulnerable to the potential for storm damage.
  • Waves: Whether they are from jet skis and ski boats not following no-wake zone rules, or waves whipped up by the wind, waves will take their toll on your boat.
  • Leaves: In western North Carolina, the colors of leaves during the fall is an attraction; however, those leaves fall and make a mess of your boat.

Asheville, NC residents, keeo your boat dry and safee with Dry Boat Storage from Jumbo Storage

What if you could store your boat in a convenient Asheville location inside a garage, without taking up space for your vehicles? That place exists – it’s called Jumbo Storage. Our storage units feature oversize 14-foot doors with plenty of room for even large boats. Our parking lot has plenty of room to maneuver and we even have wash and dump sites on our property. If you would like to know more about our dry boat storage units, contact Jumbo Storage today.