Large Storage Hendersonville, NCWe know that people move for all types of reasons. If you or someone in your house is planning to move in the near future, then a self-storage unit could be the perfect solution for storing your belongings throughout the transition. At Jumbo Storage, Hendersonville residents visit our location when they need a place to securely store their valuable possessions. Whether you want a space for a vehicle, personal belongings, or business supplies, we offer a variety of unit sizes, and our staff is more than happy to help you find the right fit.

Moving Scenarios That Might Require Storage:

  • Downsizing: If you are planning to move into a smaller home quickly, you might not be able to sort through all your belongings promptly. Instead of making hasty decisions you might regret later, put the excess items into a storage unit to sort through once the move is over. 
  • Consolidating Homes: This process occurs when a couple first moves in together or when an elderly parent moves in with a child. In either situation, there is likely to be a lot of excess stuff that doesn’t have space at the moment. A storage unit can give your family time to store their excess belongings during the transition. 
  • A Transient Job With No Permanent Residence: When traveling overseas or in the military, having a large storage unit with your home base items might be commonplace. Once you are ready to settle down or in a better position to put down some roots, the storage unit can be replaced with a longer-term home. 

Larger Items to Securely Store:

  • Storing Your Precious Collections: When you decide to collect things such as antique cars, baseball cards, or train sets, you make a commitment to storing these items. Collectors are quite serious about caring for and expanding their collections.  Becoming a tenant of a large storage unit, you can create a showplace for your collector items and enjoy organizing and playing with your collections while knowing you are carefully preserving the value of your collectibles. 
  • Option for Business Storage: As a business grows, the volume of items they need to store also grows. If your office space or retail location is overflowing with equipment, inventory, and seasonal decorations, storage units are a cost-effective way to get the space you need for your business.  
  • RV Storage: Choosing to store your RV outside can leave them vulnerable to fading, vandalism, and even theft. Depending on where you live, many developments simply don’t allow them. Personal garages are perfect for indoor RV storage that will keep your RV safe indoors and ready for when you come to take it on your next vacation. 

Jumbo Storage offers personal storage units that are available in a variety of sizes to meet your specific storage needs. Our units are available for rent on a month-to-month basis, or longer. Contact us for leasing information and tour our location in Arden, NC