Secure StorageWhen you need to stow away some off season decorations or a box or two of housewares (even lots of boxes of housewares!), finding storage units is easy. But when you need to store your camper, your RV, your massive collection of baseball cards, action figures, antique dolls, or even classic cars, the challenge is real. Jumbo Storage offers convenient oversized storage in Hendersonville, North Carolina. You’ll have space to spare.

Oversized Storage Hendersonville, NC | Jumbo Storage Hendersonville, NC

A typical storage unit may give you a couple of hundred square feet of room to work with; let’s go big. Our units range from 896 square feet to 1500 square feet. Now let’s go Jumbo. You have the option of renting adjacent units, removing portions of the walls, and combining them to create an oversized storage garage or condominium. What can you do with all of this storage space?

  • Take advantage of the individually metered 30/50 amp electrical service and set up a workshop. You can even tinker on your vehicles (making sure you have adequate ventilation and dust control, per your agreement).
  • Install shelving and store business inventory that’s taking up space at your main location. (You are not permitted by North Carolina law to run a business from your unit but you can store essential items and equipment, as well as take delivery of shipments.)
  • Put in a bathroom, plug in the TV, and catch the game in peace and quiet (while you cannot live out of your storage unit, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy some you time when you need it). 
  • Set up lighted displays of your prized collectors pieces.
  • Easily navigate your 45 foot RV through the extra wide driveways and into a safe bay between on-road adventures.

What will you do with 24/7 access to a spacious personal unit? Contact Jumbo Storage in Asheville and discuss your oversized storage needs.