large storageThe pandemic has opened up so many options for people to move across the country more freely, with more remote work and remote living opportunities than ever before. In fact, North Carolina is one of the top ten fastest-growing states in the country, with Asheville feeling quite a bit of growth. 

With a plethora of outdoor recreation opportunities, funky craft breweries, and a thriving art scene, Asheville makes for a perfect place to live for someone who is looking for a solid work-life balance. 

Oversized Storage Near Asheville

Maybe you are looking for a place in or near Asheville, to call home (or home base for your upcoming van life expedition). If that is the case, oversized storage units are a great way to make sure that all of your valuables are safe and secure while you prepare your new home! 

If you call Asheville home base, and you need a place to store and work on your camper van or keep your small collection of unique cars safe, Jumbo Storage USA has got you covered with the best-oversized storage units on the market. 

Are you the owner of a small business? To store excess merchandise, tools, and other equipment, jumbo storage could be just what you need. Also, our storage units are tax-deductible.

Your Best Option for Oversized Storage

If you're looking for storage units near you with all the bells and whistles, Jumbo Storage is the place to go. We provide the following services:

  • Power: Our units include 30/50 Amp separately metered electrical to ensure that you have the power you need for whatever power tools, work lights, etc.
  • Month to month and long-term rental options catered to take care of our customer's needs. 
  • Oversized Units: Our sizes vary anywhere from 896 Square feet to 1500 square feet with huge 19-foot ceilings. Some of our units can be strung together to make even larger units.
  • Security: Our units are monitored by a high-quality security system, making sure that your valuables are safe and secure. It is also fully fenced in with gate codes
  • Other amenities include restrooms, a wash station, a dump station, clean restrooms, a dumpster, and  60’ wide drive isles for easy ingress and egress.
  • 24/7 access to your oversized storage garage.

Now is an excellent time to make extra space while keeping your belongings safe and secure. Our self-storage facilities come in a variety of sizes, with rental contracts that cover both short and long-term storage. Jumbo Storage has all the room you need, with climate-controlled and environment-controlled units accessible to cater for anything. 

Contact Jumbo Storage today for more information about self-storage near you.