Storage CondosThinking of adding a garage or storage building to your property to handle all of your stuff? It may not be your best option. Despite the fact that people believe added storage will mean a higher return on a property investment, the simple reality is that building an extra garage or storage building on your current property isn’t always going to increase the value of your space. In fact, in some cases, it can actually depreciate your property’s value. Don’t fall into that trap. Instead, work with Jumbo Storage for the best storage condos. 

South Asheville has many options in the self-storage world, but only one - Jumbo Storage - means the storage condo you really need.

Why Storage Condos?

What benefits do storage condos offer that adding a garage to your property may not? They’re the perfect place to store your stuff. Storage condos are clean, secure space that’s ideal for both people and business owners. 

At Jumbo Storage, we offer a number of fantastic amenities for our storage condo leaseholders. You’ll get a higher level of security with us, so you don’t have to worry about break-ins. More than that, though, you get access to electricity, on an individual meter, and you may use the space for anything you like. Our heavily insulated units are the perfect way to keep your collections, vehicles, inventory, and more out of the Asheville weather. 

You can also add to your storage unit. Build custom shelving or cabinets to meet your needs. Create lighting that works for you. It’s even possible to add a private restroom. 

We have community restrooms located at the front of our facility as well as a dumpster, dump station, and a wash bay for vehicles at the back of our facility. 

See Your Unit Now

The single best investment you can make for added space is storage condos. South Asheville residents and business owners will find the greatest choice in the market today are those offered by Jumbo Storage. Stop by today to see your unit!