Storage Unit with Electrical AshevilleBasic storage offers you a small unit to store old furniture, Christmas decorations, and other detritus that you can’t fit in your garage, basement, or attic. Looking for something more? You found it: Jumbo Storage offers units with electrical capacity to ensure your needs are met.

The Power of Jumbo Storage

Most storage units do not offer electrical power…. Most storage units are basic. We pride ourselves on delivering more. Each Jumbo Storage garage is outfitted with individually metered 30/50 amp electrical service so you can:

  • Rig your unit with light so you can work, organize, or find that one box you need after hours.
  • Plug in your equipment and pursue your passions. Whether your hobby is creating elaborate train sets or painting your next masterpiece, your Jumbo Storage unit can accommodate you with the power and light you need. (Exclusions on activities that produce excessive dust, noise, or fumes).
  • Work on your vehicle. Many of our customers enjoy tinkering around on their motorcycles, classic cars, RVs, or other toys. 
  • Add kitchen and/or restroom amenities (with owner approval). While you cannot live in your storage unit, you can make your time there more enjoyable and convenient.
  • Set up lights and a space heater so you can get some quiet time to get work done. 

Storage units with electrical hookups add exceptional convenience, flexibility, and versatility to your life. While most storage facilities are simply concrete boxes with a lock, Jumbo Storage seeks to deliver solutions that help you achieve your life, work, and recreational goals. 

We offer the area’s top storage units and are diligent about providing you with the utmost service, security, and convenience. Jumbo Storage is the answer to all of your storage questions! Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you.