rv owner

The answer to the RV storage dilemma has come to Asheville!

Your RV means freedom to come and go as you please; it’s a way of life you choose. However, storing RVs outside leaves them vulnerable to fading and other natural consequences, vandalism, even theft. There’s also the issue of keeping your RV where you live. Many developments in the Asheville area simply don’t allow them.

Asheville's Jumbo Storage personal garages are perfect for indoor RV storage, with a clear door height of 14 feet. You’ll love getting into your clean RV when you come to take it on vacation and you’ll appreciate the way your vehicle maintains its value when you store it indoors. Wide turnarounds at Jumbo Storage make it easy to maneuver even the largest RV, and a central dump station and wash bay add to the convenience. You always have 24/7 access. And with other RV owners close by, you may make some new friends too.

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