Who will use storage condominiums at Jumbo Storage?

Jumbo Storage appeals to a wide variety of tenants with different uses in mind.  Your neighbors at Jumbo Storage may include business owners, real estate investors, collectors, hobbyists, and owners of RVs and other large toys.


What sizes of personal garages are available in Asheville?

Standard sizes vary from 900 square feet to 1,500 square feet with ceiling heights of 19 feet. Larger private storage can be created by removing portions of wall in adjacent units and combining the spaces.


What features are standard in a Jumbo Storage personal garage?

Each personal garage comes standard with features that every user will appreciate.  Each garage is outfitted with an individually metered electric heating system and thermostat, 150 amp electrical service, well-insulated doors and walls, oversized doors for ease of entry, and quality steel-frame construction.


How can I customize my storage unit to meet my needs?

Jumbo Storage units can be customized to fit your needs.

Each unit has conduit in place to facilitate the addition of phone lines, cable, and internet. You may choose to upgrade your space by adding car lift systems, custom flooring, air conditioning, shelving/storage space, enhanced security, or even a big screen tv to watch the game while they work in their personal garage. Such improvements can be made with the owners approval. Fifteen foot mezzanines can even be constructed within the storge unit to create up to 30% more floor space – lots of room for a personal office or tv lounge!

What other amenities are on site for my use?

Jumbo Storage at Glenn Willow has several low-maintenance amenities for your convenience.  The Asheville property has community restrooms located at the entrance to the facility.  A dumpster, dump station, and wash bay for vehicles will be located at the rear of the facility.  An owner’s lounge is planned for future phases of the project.


How wide is the driveway between buildings?

The driveways between buildings at Jumbo Storage range from 50 to 60 feet in width allowing even the largest 45 foot RV or trailer room to maneuver.  Plus, a 5 foot apron extends from each building as well, providing 10 more feet of aisle space for comfort.


Will there be security?

Security is a top priority at Asheville's Jumbo Storage.  Eight surveillance cameras will cover all common areas as well as the entrance to the property.  These cameras are motion activated to record all activity on the property and every person who comes or goes.  If any problem arises, we will have the activity on tape for investigation.  Individuals may also opt to install security systems for their personal use.


Will there be an on-site manager?

No.  Jumbo Storage at Glenn Willow is located in a stable Asheville neighborhood.  We do not feel the need to have an on-site manager in addition to the surveillance cameras.

May I live in my private storage condominium?

No.  Regulations in Buncombe County (Asheville) prevent any owner from living in their Jumbo Storage condominium.  Both the county restrictions and the association’s rules and restrictions will reflect this mandate.  You can certainly add amenities to your personal garage to make your time there more enjoyable such as a private restroom or kitchen area (with owner's approval,) but you can not take up residence at Jumbo Storage.


May I operate a business from my storage condominium?

The City of Asheville has imposed restrictions on the use of Jumbo Storage condos.  The type of personal storage and business storage allowed is limited to non-commercial Recreational Vehicles and prohibits actually operating a business on the property.


May I work on my vehicle in my personal garage?

Absolutely.  Many users of our storage units enjoy working on their RVs, collectible cars, and motorcycles in their personal garage.  They are perfectly designed for just that purpose.  However, you may not work on your vehicles in the common areas.  Common areas are to be kept tidy and clean at all times for the convenience of all tenants.


May I use my personal garage for a hobby/workshop?

Of course, having your own space to work on projects and hobbies is one of the joys of storage ownership.  There will be restrictions in the association documents, however, to prevent anyone from creating problems with noise, dust, or fumes.


May I access my unit 24/7?

Definitely.  Jumbo Storage condominiums are owned storage. Tenants can come and go as you please.


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