Secure StorageWhat attracted you to Buncombe County in the first place? Were you drawn to Asheville by the beauty of the mountains that surround it? There are few cities on the East Coast that are surrounded by mile-high peaks. 

Was it the opportunity to spend time in nature? In and around Buncombe County, there are thousands of miles of hiking and mountain bike trails. Water sports such as whitewater rafting, kayaking, tubing, and fly fishing are also available. 

Were you looking for a job when you came here? Numerous businesses have opened or relocated to western North Carolina, bringing with them new employment and high-quality entertainment. 

You may have moved to the area because of the low home costs or the Blue Ridge Parkway, or you may have lived here for decades. However, you've arrived in the region, and we're delighted to have you.

While we are surrounded by vast landscapes, your property may have storage limitations. The presence of large vehicles and things on your property is restricted by municipal and HOA laws. 

Jumbo Storage will assist you if you want large, oversized storage in Buncombe County.

How to Find Storage Near You in Buncombe County, NC

When it comes to storage, you want to make sure you have enough space to accommodate all the possessions you cannot keep at your home. 

At Jumbo Storage, our standard sizes vary from 896 square feet to 1,500 square feet with ceiling heights of 19 feet. 

Larger private storage can be created by removing portions of the wall in adjacent units and combining the spaces. That allows us to accommodate a number of extra-large items including:

  • Boats 
  • Trailers
  • Campers and RVs
  • ATVs
  • Classic collectible cars
  • Office items
  • Motorcycles 
  • And more

Why Should You Choose Jumbo Storage?

Some of our amenities include:

  • Our units come with 30/50 Amp Separately Metered Electrical systems, ensuring that you have the power you require.
  • Restrooms, a wash area, a dump station, and an extra-large turning driveway are all available at our location.
  • Jumbo Storage is close to the Asheville Regional Airport, I-26, and I-40, making it very handy.
  • A high-quality security system keeps an eye on our apartments. Nonetheless, you will have access to your huge storage garage 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You can use your oversized storage unit as a private garage or workspace

You can store large items that often cannot be parked on the street or in driveways due to HOA and municipal regulations. 

These units are available for rent on a month-to-month basis, or longer if needed.

 Jumbo Storage is conveniently located near the Asheville Regional Airport, I-26, and I-40. These personal storage units are available in a variety of sizes to meet your specific storage needs. 

If you are ready to learn more about our storage units near Buncombe County, contact us today